Treating Bursitis of the Elbow with Solomon’s Seal

A few months ago I awoke one morning with a puffy, soft inflammation of my right elbow. It was quite painful and increased when trying to straighten my arm. I immediately knew it was bursitis, but was puzzled as to how it came about.

When younger and engaged in numerous contact sports, I occasionally fell on my elbows. The swelling and inflammation was other than the result of a broken bone, and it went away in a week or so. I didn’t know anything about the anatomy of my elbow, so I didn’t take such falls too seriously.

However, this new swelling caught me by surprise, for I had not hit my elbow against anything! Upon research, I determined that I had unwittingly contributed to my condition by spending long hours, for numerous days, sitting at my computer finishing a project. During that time, my elbows were in constant contact with the hard surface of the arms of my chair. It was this firm contact at the bony tip of my elbow that caused the problem!

In this article I want to tell you what I have learned about bursitis of the elbow — its causes, symptoms, treatment, the elbow’s anatomy, and how I speeded my recovery by using Solomon’s Seal tincture. I am fortunate to have first hand experience with several conditions in which I have had success using Solomon’s Seal, and my elbow bursitis is just one example. Continue reading