Solomon’s Seal and the Healing Effects of Touch

As Solomon’s Seal “reads” the body and begins to integrate its healing capability towards certain areas, we can potentially “direct” the healing process through the power of our touch. I want to discuss in this article how it is possible to very consciously touch your injured area to evoke a healing response.healing touch

First off, I am reminded of anthropologist Ashley Montegu’s characterization that many humans are like “unlicked bears” — frequently untouched or undertouched in infancy. As a result, we may have a physical or psychological disconnection to our body such that we cannot adequately “read” its many signals. Furthermore, we may feel unloved, under-cared-for, and inadequate. In short, we may be “out of touch” with our sense of “self” or ability to heal ourselves.

The fact, however, is that there is a feedback loop between the hand and the brain. We feel with the hand, and this input information is relayed from the hand to the somatosensory cortex of the brain via afferent nerves. The brain itself houses electromagnetic energy that regulates our response to stimuli, as discussed below.

touching and kissing is ageless

Touching and kissing is ageless

We all know the great comfort of a massage, even a hug! When someone, even a caring stranger, sincerely rests a hand on our shoulder, we immediately feel calm and “connected” to their compassion and concern. There is a reason for that worth exploring. Continue reading