Treating Dance Injuries of the Foot & Ankle with Solomon’s Seal

There are a number of common dance injuries, but they can be categorized into five basic groups: injuries of the foot/ankle, knee, hamstring, hip, and back. In this article, I will discuss injuries of the foot and ankle. According to Podiatry Today (, approximately 50% of the dance injuries are foot and ankle injuries, and most of these are due to overuse, as opposed to traumatic causes. This is because of the many repetitive movements in dance and the long hours spent in class and/or rehearsals.dancer Ankle and foot injuries require immediate and ongoing attention, and continuing to dance with such injuries is not advised. Treatment typically includes the use of ice, rest, compression and elevation (RICE), and possibly immobilization. In some cases, daily stretching and an anti-inflammatory may also be prescribed. In more severe cases, steroids and even surgery may be recommended and extensive rehabilitation required.

Benefits of Solomon’s Seal Herbal Tincture & Salve

There is, however, an additional intervention that can prove most effective with acute or chronic ankle and foot injuries, or even be used preventively. Solomon’s Seal is an herb long known for its ability to strengthen, lubricate, and nourish tendons, ligaments, attachments and joints, tightening them if they are too loose and loosening them if they are too tight. Keep in mind that ligaments are tissues that connect bones to other bones, while a tendon is a tough band of fibrous connective tissue that most often connects muscle to bone. Healthy tendons and ligaments are able to withstand tension, but if they are too tight or too loose, injuries can result. Continue reading


Solomon’s Seal: Increased Healing Benefits with 7 Key Herbs

Note: Much of the content of this article was carefully researched and formulated by the creator of the line of Cortesia Solomon’s Seal tinctures, Tricia Clark-McDowell

We’ve written extensively about the effectiveness of Solomon’s Seal in connection with damaged tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones, inflammation, and more. It is possible, however, to hone in on very specific physical conditions with advanced Solomons’s Seal formulas that work synergistically to foster even deeper healing.

Consequently, the powerful healing properties are enhanced when Solomon’s Seal is carefully combined with one or more seven key herbs to address specific issues, such as arthritis, bone repair and bone building, cartilage and tissue damage, deep pain and tension, and women’s issues related to menopause and PMS.

This article guides you specifically about how we have combined Solomon’s Seal with one or more of the following powerful seven herbs to create specific formulas:

  • Agrimony
  • Blue Vervain
  • Boneset
  • Gravel Root
  • Horsetail
  • Mullein
  • Pleurisy Root

First, let’s review the numerous healing benefits and suggested uses for regular Solomon’s Seal itself: Continue reading

10 Surefire Ways to Increase Pain and Reduce Healing

Pain and discomfort for most people are constant life companions. We obtain diseases or experience an injury. We age, overuse our body, don’t take care of our body. As a result, pain can interfere with daily life. It can be sharp and immediate, called acute pain, or more long-term, called chronic. In any case, pain demands us to manage it in some way so as to minimize its negative impact.

Ask yourself this question about pain: Do I take actions that control my pain or do some of my habits and routines actually increase my pain level?

Whether your pain is acute or chronic, there are surefire ways to increase your pain, thereby working absolutely contrary to the desired effect of reducing pain and increasing healing. This article takes a different approach to managing your pain. It offers ten tried-and-true ways to stay miserable with pain. Continue reading

Testimony: Shoulder Injury & Plantar Faciitis

49-year Old Woman Gets Relief from Shoulder Injury & Plantar Faciitis!

Editor’s Note
: This unsolicited testimony is a good example of an individual with several conditions in which Solomon’s Seal was useful (including some unexpected healing benefits!). An important key to potential success is to regularly (daily) administer the Solomon’s Seal tincture, as directed on the label. This means several times a day, at least for the first 30 days. Visit our website for more extensive information:

I ordered your Solomon’s Seal tincture a month or so ago (October 2009) … found your site after Googling about for shoulder injury/pain. After helping my daughter move a carload of boxes into her dorm, I was in acute pain… felt like I’d been shot in my right shoulder and upper arm. (OK, I’ve never really been shot, but I swear it felt like a bullet had landed.) In my desperation, I also ordered a $70 ActiveWrap so I could ice the pain away. I, who never take conventional meds, was also downing several ibuprofen a day.

Anyway, I started dropping the tincture under my tongue, three times a day, as soon as it arrived. I also had two therapeutic massages and two acupuncture treatments. Before the ActiveWrap arrived, my pain had gone from a 7 to a 2. (You ship very fast!) By day 10, I felt quite fine. By day 14, my shoulder was pain free. I kept taking the Solomon’s Seal, though, because I was feeling better generally. By day 21, I realized that the plantar faciitis that had been plaguing me for seven months was much relieved. Funny how pain is so present, and then when it disappears you can just forget it was there.

About four weeks in, my parents came to visit. My 74-year-old mother was still nursing a sore arm and shoulder from July… a gardening injury (she was at war with invasive ivy). She was a bit miffed when she learned my August injury was history, and she had not gotten a bit better. We got online and ordered two more Solomon’s Seals, one for her and one for me. My right foot is now so much better I can hop out of bed in the morning with no limping, no pain. Amazing. By the end of my mom’s seven-day visit, her shoulder was noticably better… and she was sure to take her Solomon’s Seal with her, anticipating continued improvement.

Yesterday I helped my son and daughter-in-law move. My son and I moved a full-size couch and a very heavy recliner, just the two of us. I made about 100 trips in and out of their second floor apartment… up the stairs empty-handed, back down laden with boxes. Helped hoist several moderate pieces of furniture into the truck. Then in their new house I removed 16 cupboard doors. As a 49-year-old woman who was limping and seriously hurting a five weeks ago, I’m quite amazed… not just that I could do all that, but that today I am just a tiny bit achy. Really not bad at all.

I imagine that your business must be booming from word of mouth.

By the way, I never used the $70 ActiveWrap. I’m keeping it just in case my younger son or daughter has a sports injury… but I realize that if I keep Solomon’s Seal in the house, it may be a long time before it gets used.

Many thanks and peace,
Mary G.