Photo Gallery

Enjoy these photographs of Solomon’s Seal (polygonatum biflorum & multiflorum)


Polygonatum multiflorum

Solomon's Seal: polygonatum multiflorum)

SS plant

Solomon's Seal Plant



Polygonatum biflorum
Solomon’s Seal: polyjgonatum biflorum









9 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

    • If I understand your question correctly, yes, all our tinctures, salves and liniment are ready for immediate use. Because of the huge demand over the Internet for our products, we are not able to commit to stocking in health stores — the supply of available raw herbs that we use dictates our production. In specialty stores, it is also very important that a dedicated staff person is informed about our Solomon’s Seal products so that they can guide the consumer. These are very high-end, therapeutic herbal remedies we are creating with the highest quality, and we don’t want to be under pressure to produce well beyond our capacity to obtain the best quality and freshest organic herbs.


    • We do not create infused Solomon’s Seal oil. Therefore, we have no further information as to its effectiveness and potency when compared to regular tincture. Infused oils do have dramatic effectiveness, especially as noted in the research of cannabais when infused into hemp oil. There is no historical information about use of infused SS oil, although there is no reason to doubt that it can be effective like the tincture. The process to make the infused oil is more complex to obtain and preserve the important medicinal qualities of a plant, and thus the product is usually quite expensive when compared to a tincture or essence.


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