We are dedicated wellness professionals, gardeners and garden designers, authors and lecturers for over 30 years, based at the 22-acre Cortesia Sanctuary outside Eugene, Oregon. Our organic/natural health aids/products and garden publications (via Cortesia Press) are internationally famous for their highest quality and fair pricing.

Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum biflorum) is a medicinal herb that has diverse healing properties.
It can be used as a herbal tincture (best use), salve, tea or supplement. As an alternative medicine, it may give relief, healing or mending to sports injuries and other acute injuries related to tendons, joints, ligaments, bones, bruises, connecting tissues, cartilage, osteoarthritis, etc. It may also soothe and repairs gastrointestinal inflammation and injuries. It is historically known to be effective for feminine issues, such as menstrual cramps, PMS, bleeding, and the like. Additionally, it is known to lower blood pressure, relieve dry coughs, and to increase concentration and mental clarity.

Our website (www.solomonsseal.net) offers detailed restorative and cultivation/identification information and remedies  in hope to create a more thorough and practical body of knowledge about Solomon’s Seal for individuals, health care professionals, sports enthusiasts, musicians, dancers, gardeners, the elderly or disabled, among many other active people.

This Blog’s objective: to provide current information, news, testimonials and general wellness tips and strategies. We also encourage the visitor to share comments, questions, experiences about the use of Solomon’s Seal as related to varying health conditions.

Visit our website: www.solomonsseal.net


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  1. hi there, i come from a family thats quite injury prone with my mum having tendonitis and myself having muscle related pains very often due to sports activity….could you perhaps give a list of stores in either johannesburg, durban or pietermaritzburg south africa that stocks your range of products…

    many thanks
    sumaya muslim


    • Unfortunately, we know no one directly selling Solomon’s Seal products in your countries and area. We do not get very many orders from that region of the world. However, we do ship orders purchased from our website to other countries such as yours. We have no distributors in your area, and are not needing any yet.
      Thank you for your question and interest.
      Health blessings always,
      Forrest McDowell


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  3. Greetings. My body has a tendency to “dislocate” ( knee,hips,shoulder,). Now it’s my jaw. I don’t know if the joint actually dislocates or if the problem is in the ligaments & tendons not holding the joint in place. What would you suggest as a treatment plan for this condition? Thank you for making these wonderful tinctures available to all of us and for honoring the blessed plant spirits that give freely to help & heal. With gratitude, Geneve


    • Solomon’s Seal has a known history for helping to adjust ligament and tendon tensions. The regular Solomon’s Seal tincture is a minimal approach. If your conditions have been more long term, then Formula #6: All-in-One Bone, Joint, Cartilage & Tissue Health may be of benefit, as it combines the herbs from our Formulas #1, 2, and 3 into a high potency blend.
      You may benefit from a deep penetrating topical salve, and/or a Magnesium spray (which is excellent for discomfort relief, energy and cellular regeneration, among others!).
      I wish you the very best of health, healing and peace.


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