How Flower Essences Enhance Physical and Emotional Healing

Why should you consider the use of Flower Essences in your healing strategies? It’s common to focus on the physical aspects of healing because our body may be in pain and we want to make that pain go away. However, it’s equally important to pay close attention to the ever-present emotional aspects of any illness or condition. By better understanding and addressing the emotional component (alongside the physical), we can enhance and speed our physical healing.

Flower Essences are an excellent tool for blending emotional and physical healing. In a gentle yet profound way, flower essences get to the root of one’s deep emotions and bring them to the surface to be looked at. These buried, previously unacknowledged, or unresolved feelings may be part of the original cause of our current physical complaints. If we only focus on a physical cure or relief, we may be doing ourselves a disservice. What ails the body may not be fully healed unless or until we closely examine the underlying feelings. A practitioner once said to me, “Flower Essences are the most inexpensive form of therapy.” She may be right. While some people may choose to go to a counselor or psychologist to work through tough emotional places, Flower Essences are a tool we can use independently or concurrent with counseling, therapy or physical rehabilitation, as we choose.

Flower Essences Benefit the Body/Mind/Soul Connection

While Flower Essences work primarily on the mental/emotional level, many users have shared direct benefits experienced on the physical and spiritual levels. We are unified beings, and our body/mind/spirit is connected. What is healing to one part of our being inherently helps to heal the whole. A word of caution here, however: Flower Essence remedies are not a panacea promising an instant cure. While some users report an immediate, yet subtle effect, most find that they heal gradually over the course of a few weeks or more. Some people can only recognize the changes when they review the last month or two and realize how much better they feel: perhaps more calm and peaceful, or more open-minded and flexible. They may feel a greater sense of personal power, creativity, prosperity, or a more positive outlook. The outcome depends on the clarity of one’s intentions and on the particular Flower Essence used.

How Flower Essences are Taken, and Dosage

Flower essences are taken internally, similar to an herbal tincture. However, flower essences are not tinctures. Similarly, they are not a form of aromatherapy (or essential oil), having no fragrance other than that of the brandy. They work vibrationally and energetically. The typical dose is only a few drops, several times a day, or as often as desired. But don’t be fooled; they are almost homeopathic in their effect, in that a little goes a long way. A Flower Essence is extracted from a fresh flower, using particular processes, and preserved in brandy. For those who dislike the alcohol taste, they can be taken with a bit of water. Or, even better, you can put five or six drops in your water bottle and sip throughout the day. In this way, you will barely taste the alcohol, which is necessary to preserve the delicate essence.

Flower Essences are usually sold in dropper bottles of one half to one ounce. There may be a single essence in a bottle or a flower essence blend. The blends, if well-formulated, tend to be more affordable, whereas you’ll spend a lot more to purchase four to six individual essences to formulate your own blend.

Flower Essences are safe to take, and have no side effects. They can be used effectively with adults, children, animals, or even plants. They can be carried in your purse or backpack, but should not be left in a hot place (such as you car or on a sunny windowsill). It is important to keep your essence in a cool location away from direct sunlight and away from your computer or other electro-magnetic fields. Also, keep it away from strong smelling substances, such as essential oils, camphor, deodorant, etc. If you follow the above guidelines, your essence will have a very, very long shelf life. Ironically, you can take them through airport security, and x-ray machines will not damage them.

Cortesia Flower Essence Blends

Back in the mid-90s, when I began developing the Cortesia line, flower essences were almost exclusively sold as “singles”, ie. one flower essence per bottle. But I came to understand that a single flower essence could not generally address a complex emotional issue and its various permutations. Moreover, the cost for purchasing a number of singles to try to concoct a personalized blend could easily amount to $50 or $60. That’s expensive, given that you might only need to take the blend for a few weeks. More importantly, I observed that it was difficult for people under duress to try to formulate their own blend. They simply were too close to their particular problem or concern to be able to see objectively. I made a decision at the outset to focus my skills on formulating flower essence blends that would be deeply healing and affordable. Of the various things I’ve done in my life, I consider the Cortesia Flower Essences to be my most important contribution and a key element of my life work. There are currently over forty different Cortesia Flower Essence blends in the line.

To download a pdf file describing all the Cortesia Flower Essence Blends, visit our website at www.onesanctuary. com

How Cortesia Flower Essence Blends Are Formulated and Made

There are six individual essences in every Cortesia Flower Essence blend. Each blend is formulated after extensive meditation and soulful reflection on the human condition and the needs and aspirations we each have. It may take many months or even a couple years to conceptualize a blend. Many individuals and friends have generously shared their stories and issues, providing a continuous flood of insight that has inspired new blends. Many users of these flower essences have also shared their success stories and gratitude for the healing they receive. These testimonials have inspired me and moved me forward in my work with flower essences.

Making the individual flower essences is a reverential and sacred process. I have been a horticulturist for over 50 years, during which time I have developed a deep cognitive and intuitive relationship to plants and flowers — their sense of “beingness” and unique qualities within each variety. When a particular plant/flower “calls out” to me, I intuitively understand its character – this is a flower I will generally decide to work with. Sometimes I am contemplating a certain theme, such as prosperity, contentment, or a way to overcome depression or lethargy. At such times, I believe that I must be putting out a subtle signal to the universe, because that is the time I am most likely to be attracted to certain flowers that relate to that particular theme. I have learned to deeply trust this process. Below is one example.

Loving Myself Blend

In the mid-90’s, it seemed that the more people I talked with, the more I detected an underlying theme in their issues: the fact that they were down on themselves and felt unworthy. Clearly, this unworthiness was sabotaging their ability to heal from physical illnesses and it was blocking their overall sense of well-being and peace of mind. I identified this lack of self-love in myself as well, which was unsettling. This inspired the creation of the Loving Myself Blend, which proved to be an instant bestseller. The flowers that make up the formula, listed below, grow in the woods around our home. Each flower possesses a different quality that adds breadth and depth to this compelling idea of cultivating self-love.

Perhaps you can tell that I formulated this blend in the Spring!

Calypso Orchid – Attuning to Divine guidance, spiritual openness

Foxglove – Understanding and flowing with the natural rhythms and cycles of life, allowing things to    unfold at the right time, without forcing them

Lily of the Valley – Belief in the attainability of ones noble, pure-hearted dreams & visions

Peony – Seeing the large picture and playing ones part in it with style, grace, and humility

Star Tulip – Loving, nurturing, and accepting oneself

Woods Anemone – Surrender to the plain and simple truth, seeing our reality clearly without denial

This blend stimulates and supports a return to one’s core. It humbly offers an antidote to life’s larger struggles and our own personal sense of loss, imbalance, or powerlessness. We can choose to take the time to nurture our deeper dreams. Through stillness and contemplation, we can remember to listen deeply to the voice of Spirit within us, guiding us on our path towards peace of mind. When we begin to feel and see ourselves more clearly, we understand our present limitations (without self-blame) and also our true potential. We can then accept our unique role within the larger picture as it naturally unfolds and becomes perfected over time. If we cannot love ourselves, then who will? By giving ourselves the love we need and deserve, the expression of our love for and acceptance of others can only be deepened.

Case Study #1

Nicole lives in Paris and works at a very high-level job. Although she was around many people, she was very lonely. In our talks, she expressed a high level of stress, anxiety and alienation. In her dreams, men were frightened of her and when she approached someone, they would run away. She began taking the Woundedness Recovery blend. Later she wrote me, “When I first took your flower essence, I was really down. It was a dark night of the soul. But things are really shifting now. I don’t feel alone anymore. I feel happier and more stable. Even my dreams have changed. I have a sweet, gentle, and very warm feeling. I am so glad I met you and found your essences.”

Case Study #2

When she was ten years old, our daughter Sonji had a bike accident on the narrow country lane near our home. She was frightened by a large truck and went off the road into a ditch. The bike pedal gouged into her knee, cutting it to the bone. As she tried to walk home, we could hear her hysterical screams from the top of our long driveway. As soon as we got her home, I gave her a glass of water with 6 drops of the Calm in Crisis blend. While she sipped it, I wiped up the blood and cleaned some of the dirt and gravel out of the wound. “Sonji, we need to get you to the Emergency Room immediately to get stitches. This is a very deep cut.” By then, she was totally calm. Continuing to sip the essence, she talked cheerfully during the drive into town and through the long wait in the emergency room. She never even flinched as the doctor gave her 13 stitches. Going through this experience calmly made it much less frightening and traumatic – for me too.

Case Study #3

Pat was in a serious car accident late one night, hitting black ice, smashing into a hillside at 50 mph, and totaling her car. She was in a remote area, about a mile from home. Although she knew she was injured and bleeding and having trouble breathing, she also realized she would have to walk home. She had the presence of mind to get her bottle of Calm in Crisis flower essence out of her purse and take two doses. Then she took some deep breaths, collected herself, gathered her belongings and walked home. As it turned out, she had shattered her sternum, nearly bitten her tongue off, and contracted a severe whiplash, not to speak of all the muscle damage. She continued to take flower essences all through her convalescence, including the Deep Healing blend, and later, the Positive Thinking blend. She says they helped her immensely.

Other Points to Remember

Lest you doubt that any remedy can create in you the shining qualities that may be listed on the bottle, remember these points:

  • We are capable of much more than we may believe!
  • The seeds of all good qualities already exist within us. They just need to be watered and cared for, like tender seedlings in a garden.
  • Cortesia Flower Essences are described in terms of the positive qualities one desires, not the negative conditions one needs to change. Our high aspirations, when repeated and visualized daily, create the motivation to move ourselves along a continuum in which we express more and more of a given quality. Thus, it’s not that “we have it or we don’t”, we’re evolving!
  • Consciously setting a positive goal increases the chance of its attainment sooner than if it is left merely to chance. Flower Essences can support us in taking the steps to heal our emotional wounds, remove mental blocks to success and happiness, cultivate emotional intelligence, and express the positive qualities that are within us.
  • If we are struggling with pain, illness, or acute or chronic physical challenges, flower essences help keep us optimistic and proactive during the healing process. They gently harmonize the body/mind/spirit and allow us to let go of that which no longer serves our highest good.
  • Flower essences should be taken three or more times a day for at least three weeks, or as long as needed. You may choose to move on to a new blend or take a break and then resume your original blend. Remember, these are one-ounce dosage bottles that should not be rebottled or further diluted (except in a glass of water to sip).
  • A favorite flower essence can be one of your touchstones in life, like a dear friend. Many users discover an affinity for a certain blend, finding that each time they come back to it, it offers them something new.
  • Every Cortesia Flower Essence lists the six flowers and their uses on the label. Each time you take a few drops, remember to mentally affirm the qualities you are striving to embody.
  • Flowers and herbs have been use worldwide for centuries to heal a great variety of conditions.

Flowers, and their derived essences, are a divine gift not only to enhance the beauty of this Earth but also to increase the wellness of our body/mind/spirit. You can read more about our Cortesia Flower Essences at To understand the diverse healing effects, and ordering information, for our Cortesia Solomon’s Seal Tincture, please visit our website,


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