How Flower Essences Enhance Physical and Emotional Healing

Why should you consider the use of Flower Essences in your healing strategies? It’s common to focus on the physical aspects of healing because our body may be in pain and we want to make that pain go away. However, it’s equally important to pay close attention to the ever-present emotional aspects of any illness or condition. By better understanding and addressing the emotional component (alongside the physical), we can enhance and speed our physical healing.

Flower Essences are an excellent tool for blending emotional and physical healing. In a gentle yet profound way, flower essences get to the root of one’s deep emotions and bring them to the surface to be looked at. These buried, previously unacknowledged, or unresolved feelings may be part of the original cause of our current physical complaints. If we only focus on a physical cure or relief, we may be doing ourselves a disservice. What ails the body may not be fully healed unless or until we closely examine the underlying feelings. A practitioner once said to me, “Flower Essences are the most inexpensive form of therapy.” She may be right. While some people may choose to go to a counselor or psychologist to work through tough emotional places, Flower Essences are a tool we can use independently or concurrent with counseling, therapy or physical rehabilitation, as we choose. Continue reading