Solomon’s Seal and the Healing Effects of Touch

As Solomon’s Seal “reads” the body and begins to integrate its healing capability towards certain areas, we can potentially “direct” the healing process through the power of our touch. I want to discuss in this article how it is possible to very consciously touch your injured area to evoke a healing response.healing touch

First off, I am reminded of anthropologist Ashley Montegu’s characterization that many humans are like “unlicked bears” — frequently untouched or undertouched in infancy. As a result, we may have a physical or psychological disconnection to our body such that we cannot adequately “read” its many signals. Furthermore, we may feel unloved, under-cared-for, and inadequate. In short, we may be “out of touch” with our sense of “self” or ability to heal ourselves.

The fact, however, is that there is a feedback loop between the hand and the brain. We feel with the hand, and this input information is relayed from the hand to the somatosensory cortex of the brain via afferent nerves. The brain itself houses electromagnetic energy that regulates our response to stimuli, as discussed below.

touching and kissing is ageless

Touching and kissing is ageless

We all know the great comfort of a massage, even a hug! When someone, even a caring stranger, sincerely rests a hand on our shoulder, we immediately feel calm and “connected” to their compassion and concern. There is a reason for that worth exploring.


All humans and life forms generate an electromagnetic energy. In the brain it is measured as brain waves. Brain waves are measured in cycles per second (Hz or Hertz). We also talk about the “frequency” of brain wave activity. The lower the number of Hz, the slower the brain activity or the slower the frequency of the activity.

brainwavesTraditionally, brain wave activity falls into four types, from very slow to very rapid:

  • Delta waves (below 4 Hz) occur during deep sleep (dreamless); healing and recovery at deep levels occur
  • Theta waves (4-7 Hz) are associated with sleep, deep relaxation, hypnosis, visualization, deep meditation
  • Alpha waves (8-13 Hz) occur when we are relaxed and calm, but alert
  • Beta waves (13-38 Hz) occur when we are actively thinking, problem-solving, stressed, excited, agitated, anxious, or engaged in vigorous activity. Generally, these are the waves of everyday activity

These wave activities are relatively fluid, often flowing among each other and striving for balance among our activities. However, six types of problems can create a chaotic brain wave pattern that may affect our health and well-being. Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?:

  • Injury
  • Medications, including alcohol & recreational drugs
  • Fatigue
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain
  • Stress

The most healing of our brain waves is that of low Alpha and Theta waves. These waves allow us to be relaxed, calm, focused; they also permit us to use the power of visualization and touch.

Most people generally emit a variable electromagnetic frequency from their hands as part of the feedback loop with the brain. Touch healers, however, have been measured to emit a steady 7.8-hertz frequency (low-Alpha to Theta). This life-enhancing frequency (around 7.8 Hz) is benign and healing; it is also identical to the Earth’s (i.e. nature’s) resonant frequency, as determined by physicists. Why is this important to know?

brain waves

Four types of brain wave activity

It might be postulated that we humans have a built-in propensity to seek relief from the vigors of life by “re-creating” ourselves in nature. We often take vacations in natural settings or engage in outdoor activities like gardening, walking, hiking and the like to calm our minds and replenish the spirit. We feel peaceful around water or when listening to its flow. It is all because we have immersed our tension-filled mind and body into a natural environment vibrating in the calming and regenerating Alpha state of nature. In short, taking time in nature naturally lowers our brain wave activities to induce calm and relaxation. During your convalescence from an injury, you might want to spend time each day relaxing in the healing vibrations of nature.

gentle touch therapyWe all know that our hands “speak” for the quality of our caring — our indifference is felt cold and distant to the recipient; our compassion and concern are felt as warm and comforting. That is why a person or animal can be comforted and calmed by our caring touch or embrace. It is very likely that a compassionate touch, like that of a touch healer, emits a steady Alpha frequency.


Besides the brain’s electromagnetic energy, the body’s cumulative electrical potential can be immense. Researchers have shown that spiritual healers’ hands can emit over 200 volts; non-healers produced no more than 4 volts. Because such voltages are approximately one billion times stronger than brain-wave voltages and 100-million times stronger than those in the heart, their potential impact on the human body is enormous.

holding hands

Sincere touch is therapeutic

It makes sense that by the power of focused yet calm will, via the healing vehicle of our hands, we too can potentially affect our healing of a traumatic injury to the body. Not only can we direct such healing by touch, we can also guide it by regulating our brain wave activity via visualization (especially with eyes closed), concentration, prayer, affirmation and the like so that we are in the calm, life-enhancing states of low-Alpha to Theta.

Practical Application to Solomon’s Seal:  Touch Yourself!

We have often stated that Solomon’s Seal has a unique ability to “read” the body and accordingly make adjustments to tendons, ligaments, bones, blood pressure, among numerous other parts of the body.

It is worth considering that we can also “read and direct” healing energy (often called Energy Medicine or Energy Healing) by our conscious will via very practical techniques.

self touch

Healing is enhanced by self touch

Perhaps the most powerful technique we have is actually touching ourselves! How simple, if we but give ourselves permission. Most people know more about their car or television than they know about their body. Many admit to rarely really touching their body! — feeling muscles and bones and the like.

So, at the time you administer Solomon’s Seal, or perhaps at other times of the day, plan to consciously touch, if possible, your place of injury or discomfort. Dedicate at least 5-10 minutes at a time (or more!) to the following hands-on strategies:

  • Close Your Eyes. This allows your brain wave activity to naturally calm itself.
  • Touch Lightly. Gentle sensorimotor stimulus to the brain (as opposed to firm grasping) carries with it compassion and caring energy from the heart. Place the palm(s) of your hand(s), if possible, directly on the location of your injury. Keep your hands relaxed, not tense or rigid.
  • Feel the Energy. The body emits an energy field around it, like an aura. By lightly touching — perhaps your injured knee, ankle, muscle, bone, etc.  — you may actually “feel” a subtle vibrating energy that is warm and pulsating. A place of injury tends to emit a marked amount of heat. As healing ensues over time, this heat will feel cooler, suggesting advancing healing.
  • Visualize Healing. Vividly imagine your injury actually knitting itself back to health. Another strategy is to imagine a cool blue or white light enveloping the injured area, revolving around it, permeating it, healing it. People have reported reduction of pain and discomfort by using this method.
  • Pray or Affirm. A short healing affirmation (example: My knee is healed and strong) or prayer gives repeated hope and faith that what we are doing is beneficial. Always make sure your affirmation is positive, free of doubt, short enough as to be easily repetitive, and visualized in the present as if it were already obtained.

  • Express Gratitude. An injury can be a blessing, if we choose to see it that way. It can allow us to take stock of our wellness, lifestyle, and attitudes toward life, healing, medical intervention and the like. You should always inwardly express gratitude for the miracle that is your body and for those compassionate people who dedicate their lives in helping you understand and heal your bodily, mental and emotional conditions.
  • Be Consistent. The process of healing is not the result of some “magic bullet” that miraculously and quickly takes our aches and pains and injuries away. Consistent attention to your injury, dedicated directing of your will and mental capacity toward relief; regular practice of various healing approaches, and devoted determination amidst patience and perseverance are key to healing.

In reality, not all injuries can be successfully or fully healed. Not all pain can be fully reduced. We may have to accept certain limitations in our lifestyle and incomplete healing. However, if we can approach our healthcare with a healthy dose of optimism, dedication, increased knowledge, and openness to many varied healing approaches, we will know that we tried our very best. In that sense, we will have lovingly invested in the quality of our life for which we should never feel ashamed, no matter the outcome. Within the miracle of our creation is also the miracle of healing ourselves.

To learn more about Solomon’s Seal, its diverse healing effects, and our Solomon’s Seal tinctures, please visit our website:

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