Solomon’s Seal: Healing & Regenerative Effects on Injuries

We have an incredible capacity for healing ourselves. It does not matter where we may see ourselves on the wellness/worseness continuum, we always possess some regenerative capacity which can make us more well, or at least have the feeling of being well, in some way. The power of regeneration, and the role Solomon’s Seal plays in healing is worthy of deeper study.

If you contemplate life in terms of regeneration, a whole new way of seeing reality will open up: everything appears to be attempting to regenerate its existence in some way. Let’s discuss this closer.

Regeneration vs. Degeneration

Scientists have determined, for example, that all of the cells in our body are regenerated every nine days. New ones simply take on the responsibilities of the old. We know from personal experience that an injury invokes a healing process within the body. Similarly, if we ingest too much alcohol or drugs, a natural process of sleep and rest will regenerate a sober state. On another level, if we feel depressed, in need of inner healing, or simply desire to enhance our feeling of goodness, we might find spiritual regeneration through prayer or meditation. If we feel excess stress, we may also find regenerative relief through laughter, taking a long walk, listening to soft music, focusing on breathing, among many other possibilities. The potential for personal regeneration is seemingly endless.

Nature is involved in a constant regenerative process as well. The four seasons are a perfect example of restoring balance to the natural system. Biologists all agree that Autumn is the greatest transference of energy on this planet. The great productive cloak of Spring and Summer is shed to replenish the earth and its inhabitants before Winter stills the juices of life. Consider also the ways in which humans pollute and erode the natural environment, and then consider how nature attempts to regenerate itself almost in an act of forgiving.

The point in such examples is that life in all its myriad forms has the innate capacity to regenerate itself. There is always this inner dynamo force that firsts considers the option of healing and restoring some sense of balance, before it succumbs to a degenerative process. In a sense, this is a description of the two laws of thermodynamics, that scientific structure which accounts for the existence and use of all energy of life. The first law of thermodynamics recognizes the constancy of energy in the universe, stating that it cannot be created or destroyed; only its form can change but never its essence. This law speaks well to the regenerative process of life. The second law of thermodynamics is harder to swallow. Known as the entrophy law, it states that matter and energy can only be changed in one direction, that is, from usable to unusable, or from available to unavailable, or from order to disorder. Obviously, this second law speaks to the degenerative process of life.

Regeneration implies a wellness orientation and degeneration implies a worseness/illness/death orientation. The question obviously arises that if entrophy is inevitable, no matter what form it takes, then how can regeneration be effective, of what value is it in the long haul for our body, mind, or spirit? The answer is simple, and once again points to the incredible way in which our existence was thought out by some cosmic force. The entrophy law governs only the world of time, space, and matter. It deals only with the physical realm, which in terms of human existence speaks only to the body.

You Are More Than Just Your Body!

You are more than just your body living in time and space. You have an enormous mental capacity and, if you can accept it, an even more boundless spiritual capacity. In other words, even though you know you may eventually experience bodily injury or disability as a fact of aging and life engagement, you have an enormous mental/spiritual capacity to sustain your existence — to be as well as possible in spite of your conditions! In short, your will to heal and/or improve your bodily condition is the result of a powerful coalescence of your mind and sense of spirit, will and faith.

When we consult with clients about our products, it has been important to state that numerous factors aid or interfere with healing: life choices about diet, exercise, stress management, faith, rest, among others. However, one’s mental attitude and inner will are critical as well. A positive, affirmative, observational approach (meaning, being especially aware of one’s body and/or specific trauma during the pain and healing stages) is vital to rallying the life force energy of the body toward healing and regeneration.

Treating the Symptom and/or the Cause

You might reflect on which you are seeking to treat: the symptom or the cause of your discomfort. Most interventions (over-the-counter and prescribed) focus on symptomatic relief. However, and as we all know, relief is usually short-term. Additionally, we also risk a dependency upon the very medication we use to sustain any relief.

Peering earnestly into the cause of our discomfort leads to a whole other way of approaching health care and healing. Health practitioners who successfully use our products for their clients speak to this “causal” healing quality of our tinctures.

In truth, many people who seek our Solomon’s Seal tinctures have a good idea of the cause of their discomfort: a stretched tendon, injured ligament, broken bone, excessive menstrual bleeding, cartilage damage, joint issues, osteoarthritis, etc. Solomon’s Seal has the ability to address both symptom and cause by the way it uniquely “reads” the body. Very often, it also reads other issues in the body that we may not fully be aware of.

For example: Blood Pressure. People have reported that their slightly elevated blood pressure returned to normal ranges with the use of Solomon’s Seal, without any other intervention being used. One particular man was taking a medication to control his blood pressure. The side effect, however, was Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Under medical supervision, he began using Solomon’s Seal and ceased his other medication. The result: normal blood pressure and the return of sexual functioning (to the great relief of his wife!). Note: The U.S. National Institute of Health is presently engaging in longitudinal research on the effects of Solomon’s Seal on heart functioning and blood pressure. Unfortunately, the U.S. government is not researching other significant uses of Solomon’s Seal in healing.

Solomon’s Seal’s Regenerative “Plasticity” Effect on Tissue Injuries

The body has what is called a plastic regeneration response to injuries, that is, the ability of the body to create a healing response that attempts to repair tissues following injury. This response is best seen in nature when a tree, for example, suffers a wound and forms a burl or scar tissue at that site.

The fascinating medical observation about Solomon’s Seal’s effectiveness is that the quality of repair to the injured tissue leaves little or no trace/evidence of scar tissue. Furthermore, it is also useful to fight and correct joint inflammation, tumors, as well as the acute and chronic swelling and edema that occur in the surrounding tissues following injury.

In the case of broken bones, for example, soft connective tissues may still be out of balance with the surrounding tissues of joints, even after surgery or restoration. These types of problems are usually the result of excessive out-of-balance tensions on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This causes unnatural pressures and therefore bony overgrowth into the joint spaces and surrounding tissues. Solomon’s Seal reportedly corrects these tension inbalances, thereby allowing the body to re-absorb the bone spurs.

Dr. Medsker (Medsker Racing College) has expressed high regard for Solomon’s Seal in dealing with injuries sustained by bicycle racers: I learned about Solomon’s Seal’s wonderful properties while figuring out how to allow broken bones and stretched tendons and ligaments to heal much faster. Many times, the use of Solomon’s Seal allows the individual to avoid drugs and surgery. It is an amazing self-administered treatment.


It has been determined that over 75% of individual health care is actually conducted by the individual. This is a phenomenal statistic given the emphasis today on the high cost of health care and health insurance. It is important, therefore, not to underestimate our ability to invest in our wellness, and the causal/symptomatic relief and intervention of bodily injuries. It may be the most cost effective strategy.

We have the innate capacity to regenerate wellness. This can best be done by integrating the powers and abilities of our body, mind, and spirit/faith in a holistic fashion. We can also attempt to entrust our healing to nature and the plant world — especially to those plant-based interventions that have demonstrated historical effectiveness.

Further information about the diverse healing effects of Solomon’s Seal, and product information, can be obtained at our wesbsite:


2 thoughts on “Solomon’s Seal: Healing & Regenerative Effects on Injuries

  1. Thank you for these informative and inspiring articles.
    I dug up a lot of fine Solomon’s Seal root out in my garden and didn’t know what to do with it…
    I think it may be just what the gardener needs.


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