I am Overweight: How Can Solomon’s Seal Help My Knee Problems?

Many people complain of knee issues related to: swelling, osteoarthritis, cartilage degeneration, and even the inability to comfortably stand up from a sitting position. Excessive exercise, aging, prior injuries, and even excess weight and obesity contribute to knee discomfort.

The fact that almost two-thirds of the U.S. population is overweight or obese contributes to most knee issues. Solomon’s Seal may be a helpful intervention, as discussed below, but the best advice is to remove excessive weight that severely impacts the knees and ankles. Let’s briefly look at the impact of extra weight on the hips, knees and ankles.

Weight-bearing Joints Carry The Burden

Being overweight, even by just a few pounds, burdens the joints and leads to increased inflammation and pain (including that associated with arthritis).

Research has shown that during walking the hips, knees and ankles bear three to five times a person’s total body weight. For every pound a person is overweight, 3-5 pounds of extra weight is added to each knee during walking. In contrast, a 10 pound weight loss causes 30 to 50 pounds of extra stress to be relieved from the joints.

Let’s take an example: Your optimal weight is suggested to be 150 pounds, and you weigh 170 pounds. This extra 20 pounds is adding 60-100 pounds more to your hip, knee and ankle joints every step you take and every time you stand up. The result in terms of weight on your joints is as if you weighed between 230-270 pounds! Of course, certain forms of exercise can impact these joints even more, such as the impact of running, hiking up or downhill, and even using stairs. At such times, your weight at impact on your knees and ankles may be even more.

Osteoarthritis, the wear-and-tear type of arthritis frequently associated with the knees, is more common among overweight people. Studies have indicated that losing extra weight lowers the risk for developing osteoarthritis of the knee. Losing weight can also help slow the progression of arthritis.

4 Tips for Healthy Joints

Lose weight to within a reasonable range of your unique optimal weight
Exercise doing low or no-impact exercise (walking, swimming, yoga, stretching, exercise machines, bicycling, etc)
Build up leg and abdomen muscles
Administer effective interventions, such as Solomon’s Seal tincture, Glucosamine, anti-inflammatories, etc

Solomon’s Seal’s Effect on Osteoarthritis & Inflammation

Solomon’s Seal helps to calcify and strengthen broken and normal bones, but it also decalcifies unhealthy deposits of osteoarthritis in the joint spaces. Solomon’s Seal also has some effect upon the cartilage. It has been effectively used alone or in combination with tincture made from the plant Horsetail to rebuild cartilage, such as that seen in the knee joints. One possibility is that it helps the cartilage to regenerate through the adjusting of the connective tissue tensions on the joint. (Note: our Cortesia Solomon’s Seal Tincture – Formula #3: Cartilage & Tissue Repair blends Solomon’s Seal with Horsetail)

It is also speculated that Solomon’s Seal stimulates the body to produce cortisone. A similar belief is that it acts on the synovial glands, improving the production of synovial fluid and thus lubrication in the joints. In any case, the plant possesses a mucilagenous quality that coats and lubricates enflamed tissues while reducing friction and irritation.

Those who have used Solomon’s Seal for osteoarthritic conditions associated with the ankles, knees or hips often report having more spring in the knees and an easier time standing up from a sitting position.

The following testimony, from a 66-year old man, briefly supports the effectiveness of Solomon’s Seal:

In the early 1960’s I was around a lot of solvents and selenium and arsenic, which is hard on the joints and thought processes. Consequently, for over thirty years I have had trouble thinking and processing correctly. Within three days of taking Cortesia Solomon’s Seal Tincture (ten drops, three times a day), my brain became more focused and not fuzzy. I find that if I stop it for a day, my brain is immediately back to the old non-functioning mode.
Another benefit occurs when I wake in the morning. I am no longer in pain all over and can easily stand up and get out of bed without having to boost myself up with my hands. I also notice that my hips, which have always been unbalanced, are now more “level”.

Please understand that any intervention for causal or symptomatic relief of joint issues cannot be equal or the same for all people. There are numerous other factors in ones lifestyle (stress, nutrition, injuries, exercise, rest, faith, etc.) that can affect one’s wellness and relief from pain or injury. For these reasons, we cannot and will not make any claim that Solomon’s Seal, taken in any form, will specifically help you. Solomon’s Seal is not a miracle cure. You and your devoted attitude toward wellness is the true miracle you should seek and sustain everyday.

Further Information about Solomon’s Seal and Cortesia Solomon’s Seal Tincture:  www.solomonsseal.net
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