How Long to Take Solomon’s Seal Tincture?

How Long Will You Need to Take Solomon’s Seal Tincture?

This is one of the first questions most people should think of asking before using a new product. While there is no simple answer for our Cortesia Solomon’s Seal Tincture, we can share with you the results that we have experienced and that most users report.

It is not unusual for certain beneficial and lasting results to occur within days. In most cases, however, it seems to take about 1-2 weeks to notice significant results. But even then, we recommend that you continue to use your Solomon’s Seal tincture until your bottle is gone. By then, you may well see one or more secondary benefits that weren’t noticeable for two or three weeks.

SS plant

Solomon's Seal Plant (polygonatum biflorum)

Once the benefits level out (remember, they should be long lasting), stop taking the tincture and monitor how you feel. If you continue to feel that your improved condition is holding, you may be finished with the tincture. If one or more symptoms return, resume taking the tincture but experiment with taking a lower dose, possibly only a few drops once or twice a day. Careful monitoring of your evolving symptoms is called for. In the end, you will have to be the judge of how long you should use Cortesia Solomon’s Seal Tincture.

Generally, long-term use of Solomon’s Seal is not necessary for any one condition. But since a variety of acute injuries/conditions respond to the use of Solomon’s Seal, you may want to keep a bottle in your first aid kit or medicine chest in case of personal or family emergencies or to share with a friend in need.

Our objective is to facilitate the most health benefits possible among our users without creating a long-term dependency. Thus we encourage you to take responsibility for your overall health as it relates to wise lifestyle decisions.

This includes the fostering of a high quality diet, regular exercise, good stress control, positive thinking, adequate sleep, and gratitude for all that you have. If you consume high amounts of alcohol, cigarettes, red meat, caffeine, refined sugar, or junk food, this will affect your overall health, no matter what Solomon’s Seal or any other natural product can do for you. It is in working towards and embracing your personal wellness on every level that you will experience the highest degree of success. Blessings on the journey!

Determining Effectiveness of Solomon’s Seal

Users of Solomon’s Seal have reported significant improvement in their condition in as little as one or two weeks (some as dramatically as in 1-3 days!). However, people who use a number of different medicinal products may not be certain which product(s) has helped them.

In cases where Solomon’s Seal is the only new addition to your health regimen, any improvement most likely relates, at least in part, to this tincture. If you are able to discontinue other products while trying Solomon’s Seal (for example, pain killers, anti-inflammatories, etc.), you will be better able to determine its effectiveness.

In any case, use common sense, and consult a health care professional as needed.

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